10 Steps Towards Promotion

10 Steps Towards Promotion
by Dennis B. Cox

Have you ever wondered how to make it to that next step in the promotion ladder? How are some deserving of promotion while other seemingly qualified candidates are neglected? Following you’ll find several suggestions in getting that next promotion. This article is not intended to be a checklist—rather it is a guide that you may find helpful in your quest for promotion.

1. Invest In Your Annual Performance Appraisals
Your annual performance appraisals describe and quantify your degree of promotion potential. Only one person is responsible for building a winning appraisal—YOU! Take responsibility. Determine what your boss or organization is looking for and establish your road map toward that next promotion.

If you want a promotion, building a solid annual performance appraisal should be of paramount interest to you. It plays a major part in consideration. In today’s environment, senior leaders look very closely at annual performance appraisals when reviewing job vacancies. A lackluster appraisal can literally shut the door on that desired promotion. And remember—you should focus on developing a well-balanced appraisal. Think of it as a resume. Demonstrate your leadership, management, technical, and problem-solving abilities.

While there’s a limited amount of space to illustrate your potential, you may build your appraisal by using this approach:
• How have I helped my Company? Just performing the job is not always enough to earn a promotion. This only helps to keep your current position. Demonstrate that you are a top player in what keeps your Company advancing forward.
• What have I done for my company? Whether you are an in-house, ISO, ...
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