1888 Got Junk


Section 1: Short Questions

1. What has Brian Scudamore done to differentiate his junk removal service from other companies in the same business?

The solid waste management industry in North America is highly structured and dominated by a handful of giants such as Waste Management and BFI Canada. Most of the smaller waste management companies specialize in particular types of waste, such as construction debris. Junk removal is a niche market that, until recently, has been dominated by local haulers with a dump truck looking for small commercial and residential jobs. They remove the bulky household rubbish that the larger disposal firms can’t — or won’t — deal with, from construction material and garden refuse to old furniture and appliances. Service was typically unreliable and pricing and quality were inconsistent.

While some companies may have developed small, regional operations consisting of several trucks or locations, no one had developed a national presence in the junk removal business. “There are companies out there that do this sort of thing. They just don’t do it like 1-800-GOT -JUNK “ Their uniformed drivers show up in their shiny trucks at a scheduled time, with a standardized price sheet in hand. The level of professionalism that they have adopted is what differentiates them from the competition.”

2. Why are people willing to pay more for professional-looking junk removal?

While Got-Junk's niche is solid, it is also one that has already been visualized by thousands of independent operators. Open up the yellow pages in any city, and there are scores of ads of the manwith-truck-will-haul-junk variety. But Scudamore is working to build a professional chain that can dominate this vast an ...
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