3D Clinic Report

 Subject: Key strategic initiatives

3DClinic Pty Ltd ? Key Strategic Initiatives

"Identify, evaluate and recommend no more than two key strategic initiatives our firm should pursue over the next 18 months"

Marlena Mende, Anisha Shahnawaz Hamid, Mr Junjie Wang
Semester 1, 2006
Student no: 222097, 227431, 196644
Strategic Management 325-664
Thursday Stream
Word Count: 2399 (2510 including 111 in-text references)
Executive Summary

The findings derived from the SWOT analysis, which was carried out to identify 3DClinic's external and internal environment, reveal multiple business opportunities for the company.

Several key strategies which 3DClinic could potentially implement in the near future have been identified. On the one hand, pursuing a strategy such as market penetration which would focus on creating a stronger presence in the Australian market seems like a viable option for 3DClinic. In addition, the company could concentrate on further innovative product development by leveraging its R&D facilities and competencies. On the other hand, 3DClinic could also consider market development and thus expand into foreign markets. Given the numerous international opportunities which were revealed by the SWOT analysis, this strategy seems feasible, too.

However, in view of 3DClinic's limited resources, the mentioned strategies, although viable, cannot be pursued all at the same time. Taking into account the SWOT analysis for 3DClinic, the report elaborates on the two strategies of market penetration and market development.

Whereas market penetration will be achieved through enhancing marketing activities and the formation of strategic alliances with educational providers, the stra ...
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