4 Different Countries

Four Countries- different factors
The purpose of this report is to describe and compare four countries from different continents. I will be comparing Brazil, China, United States of America and Germany.
The results of this research indicate that all the four countries are very different from each other. In this report there are four main categories: (a) economy, (b) the form of government and legal system, ( c) the dominant cultural factors, including population and (d) the major trade agreements of that country.
I will be comparing the type, size and growth rate of these economies; including the country's balance of trade and currency.
Brazil's has a free market and export-oriented economy and it is the eight largest economy in the world. The agricultural sector has kept Brazil amongst the most highly productive countries in areas related to the rural sector. Its industrial sector accounts for three fifths of the South American economy's industrial production. The country's scientific and technological development has also shown remarkable growth. The country's currency is called the Real and the current exchange rate per dollar is +/-1.786 dollars. The balance of trade right now is +40.0bn.
China's economy is the second largest in the world after the US and it has changed from a centrally planned system to a more market oriented economy with a growing private sector . China has become a major player in the global economy in recent years . The country's currency is the Renminbi, the exchange rate per dollar is 7.2103 Renminbi and the balance of trade as of right now is +259.8bn.
Germany is one of the world's most advanced market economies. It is the world's third largest economy i ...
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