4 Functions Of Management

Farm and Ranch Business Management Functions

Curriculum Guide
I. Goals and Objectives
A. Learn the basic concepts of the following three functions of management: organizing, staffing and directing, and controlling.
B. Learn the interrelationship between these functions.
C. Learn how to utilize these concepts in the management of your business.

II. Description/Highlights
A. Management functions include organizing, staffing and directing, controlling, and planning. The planning function, while not discussed in this set of materials, is discussed in RM3-19.0, "Managing Your Farm and Ranch Operation." The organizing function is the management process of identifying or establishing jobs, positions and chain of command. Organization should facilitate the communication needed to make good decisions at all levels of the operation. Organizing is also inventorying physical and financial resources, identifying skills and talents among employees, and physically arraying these resources for efficient use.

B. How the business is organized is fundamental to communication within the business, the delegation of authority, the risk management plan of the overall business, and the process of supporting good decisions. The whole point of organization and organizational charts is to make the operation run smoothly and efficiently.

C. Every decision made by any manager is based on information. The business organization provides for information flow. Figures 1, 2 and 3 illustrate various communication and information flows (who answers to whom). Note that in each example there is a two way flow. Review Figures 1, 2, and 3.

D. Lead the group in developing an org ...
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