4Ps In Helping Restaurant Maximise Thier Profit


The first section of this report is introduction. The introduction will explain the purpose of this report. It is discuss about three promotion strategies of the new restaurant located in Bangsar called Serai Garden. They are: advertising campaign, sales promotion and direct marketing. Beside that, this part also gives the brief introduction of the restaurant and its target market.
The second section will discuss on the content of this report. The first promotion method of Serai Garden restaurant is advertising campaign. It will explain five steps to develop an advertising campaign in detail. They are: identify and analyze the target audience,defining the advertising objective, developing the media plan, creating the advertising message, evaluating the campaign effectiveness. The second promotion method of Serai Garden restaurant is sales promotion. The major sales promotion tools that Serai Garden restaurant will be using are premium offers, redeemable coupons and patronage rewards. The last promotional strategy that Serai Garden restaurant will be using is direct marketing. The major direct marketing tools that will be used are direct-mail marketing and web site.
The third section is conclusion. It has been concluded that the suitable promotion methods are very important for the new business as Serai Garden restaurant. Therefore, the marketers have to be very careful when make a decision.
The final section covers the recommendations part. Some recommendations for Serai Garden restaurant are use direct-email marketing instead of direct-mail marketing and
provide sponsorship for some non-profit organization.


Marketing is defined as a social and managerial process where groups and individuals a ...
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