5 Field Measures

The Five Basic Field Measures represent the things that an individual must do well in order to succeed as a team member. They also represent the things that a team must do well in order for the corporation to succeed. The Five Basic Field Measures are Revenue, Customer Success, Territory Development, Team Contribution, and, Business Basics.
1. Revenue: Revenue contribution is critical to the short-term success of the corporation. It is important that each Field professional view themselves as critical to the attainment of the corporation's revenue goals. Every individual on the team is a salesperson, and should make significant contributions to product, professional services, and/or customer support revenue. This requires an intense focus on achieving team quota and objectives for the proper revenue mix between prodcuts & services.
2. Customer Success: Customer Success is critical to the long-term success of the corporation. It is important that each Field professional take personal responsibility for ensuring the success of our customers. Customer success means much more than customer satisfaction; the later traditionally implies that the customer is satisfied that the product or service meets with vendor specifications and customer expectations irrespective of what value that product or service gave to the customer. Customer success means that the products and services that the firm have supplied have significantly helped that customer to implement the changes they wanted and needed and that they know the value provided has helped them be successful, within the customer's view of success. This does not mean that we did their job for them; this means that we have provided maximum leverage with our products and services, and have successfully transferred ...
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