6 Sigma

Six Sigma: What Its All About!

? It is a methodology for continuous improvement
? It is a methodology for creating products/ processes that perform at high standards
? It is a set of statistical and other quality tools arranged in unique way
? It is a way of knowing where you are and where you could be!
? It is a Quality Philosophy and a management technique

Six Sigma is not:

? A standard
? A certification
? Another metric like percentage

Six Sigma: Its Power!
? The main thrust of Six Sigma is to reduce the errors and waste in every kind of business endeavor to please the customers and fatten the bottom line.
? Mainly aims at reducing the number of defects i.e. 3.4 defects per million opportunities or 99.99966% productivity.
? So six sigma implementation practically implies- If you played 100 rounds of golf per year, and played at 6 sigma - you'd miss 1 putt every 163 years!
? Has been successfully implemented by the Mumbai dubbawalas who have just 3 defects every year while delivery of dubbas.
? Six Sigma if implemented would result in
- Just 7 lost mails per hour on the World Wide Web.
- One minute of unsafe drinking water in the entire globe every 7 months.
- 68 wrong drug prescriptions every year.

Application and success

Six Sigma was first introduced and developed at Motorola in early 90s
AlliedSignal and General Electric became early adopters of Six Sigma, with GE reporting benefits of more than US $300 million during its first year of application[6]. Their CEOs, Larry Bossidy and Jack Welch played a vital role in popularizing Six Sigma.
Starting with manufacturing, today Six Sigma is being used across a wide range of ind ...
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