7Up India: Approach To Solve A Managerial Decision Problem - Improving Monthly Sales

The soft drink market is a duopoly worldwide and India is no exception. 95% of sales are shared between 2 companies- PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. Soft-drink is a product with very little differentiation and high degree of impulse purchases. Given these two facts, Place and Promotion assume paramount importance in the marketing of soft-drinks.
Through this report we intend to discuss the approach for addressing a particular managerial decision problem of 7UP. It is with this intention we have decided to do the following study.
? To prepare a write-up on the designated Marketing Research Process for 7UP
o Defining the Managerial Decision Problems and Research Problems
o The Research Design and the specific Research Methodology fixed to address the research problems and the informational needs
o The Sampling Plan and the Research Tools designed for the data collection
o A detailed Report on the pre-testing carried out on the research tools
? To prepare a write-up on the Marketing Plan implemented by PepsiCo for 7UP
o A brief account of the existing Marketing Objectives set for 7UP
o A brief account on the existing Generic Marketing Strategies fixed for 7UP
o A brief account on the existing Marketing Organization set up for 7UP

After doing a secondary survey and talking to a few knowledgeable persons in the industry, the managerial decision problem of ?How should the company go about dealing with the low monthly sales volumes?' has been chosen. The corresponding exhaustive list of the research problems were listed down along with the individual approach.

PepsiCo is one of the leading soft drinks company in India. It is second after Coca Cola. But its co ...
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