A Beautiful Firing

The three worst pieces of news a person can hear are about the death of a loved one, loss of a job or divorce. So, when you are firing someone, you are delivering the second worst message, says Emory Mulling, Chairman, Mulling Companies, an outplacement, executive coaching and retained search firm. In every organization, human resource department faces the inevitably task that is to terminate an employee. Termination is essentially a kind of psychological disaster area no matter whom it touches in business (Kingsley 1984). During the termination process, this affects three levels of persons including the terminator, the terminatee and the co-workers. After the termination of employment issue, '??uç(2001) points out that there are three questions to be asked: Is the company reputation affected? Do the fearfulness of being fired generate to the existing employees? Is the fired employed treated with respect? Human resource professional nowadays is finding ways handling these issues better.
The objective of this paper is to investigate how to fire an employee beautifully with the concern in different perspectives and be as a guide for the employer dealing with the issue of termination of employment contract. This paper begins with why it is necessary to have a beautiful firing. Following by that, it will be the four aspects to which employers are advised to pay attention when executing a firing. Finally, a brief conclusion and recommendation will be made.
Why beautiful firing
A companyfs reputation as an employer depends on its ability to manage a termination with the least amount of resentment by the individual being separated, together with the greatest amount of understanding by the employees who remain. It is the aspect of sensitivity in ...
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