A Biography Sketch Of My Life

A Biography Sketch of My Life

Sam Conta


I was born in the Dominican Republic in January 1975. I came to the United States in

March 1985. The following September I was registered at P.S # 40 in Jersey City as a bi-lingual

student. I attended St. Mary's H.S in Jersey City and my mother could not afford the tuition, so I

had to go to work as a Filing Clerk for a Law Office, while at work I applied and studied and

obtained my High School Diploma.

I met someone and we lived together. I had a boy born June 1997. I also have a girl

born October 2003. I race my children and send them to school. I want my Children to be raised

with moral believe and values. Both my son who is now ten years old and my daughter who is

four years old are bright and articulate. I am so blessed to have such wonderful, healthy children

and, although I do have regrets like not finishing my Education before the children, my life has

changed considerably and positively because they are in my life.

I want to continue my education because being a conformist is not an option, I

want to achieve more in life; I am not satisfied with my life as it is now. I want to be ambitious, I

want to take control of my life now; I don't want to just be a mere existence. A mediocre life

existence is a life without purpose. I know what my purpose is in life and I will accomplish my

goal to become a Teacher. I want to make a positive difference in Children's lives. I will exercise

my academic options in becoming a Teacher once I complete my Associates Degree in Business

Marketing. There are many reasons why I wa ...
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