A Colorblind Career

Is Career success really color blind?
Competition for the best and highest paid jobs in business is tougher then ever. With an ever-increasing number of graduates entering the job market hungry for success, only à minority can ever achieve their desire to climb to the top of the ladder. However, having à good university degree is one thing, but being experienced and capable in business is something completely different. Experience of success is by far the best teacher in business, and fortunately our global mentors have poured vast experience into business school courses.
No matter what your color, culture, sex, age, or special circumstance, today's workplace demands that you meet the challenge of succeeding in à diverse workplace. Whatever your individual circumstances, you can be part of the thinking that influences the business mindset if you're on the inside.
À colorblind career is à career that reaches beyond color to enable you to achieve success in today's mainstream business culture. And, like it or not, to reach this success, one has to follow standards of behavior and attitudes and à set of business values that are based, for the most part, on the business values, work ethics, and the business mind-set of the white mile. The simplest way to think of this business mind-set is to understand that the majority of people in à given situation set the standards for that situation; the ides and values they adhere to become the mainstream standard. Currently, the majority of people in American big business are white, so they most heavily influence the standards.
As more and more people of color enter the business rend and move to higher levels of influence, this mind-set will change to incorporate à greater diversity of values. As à person of color, yo ...
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