A Distressed Electric Motor Company In The European Motor Industry

Business is built upon relationships. So when a reputable electric motors company (EMC) is confronted with losing a large business association, a quick and effective yet longevous arrangement needs to be enforced. The company supply windows for an extensive range of vehicles across the European market in the motor industry and are presently in process of developing new products to their range of commodities. Motors have become prone to failure and the vehicle manufacturers are looking for compensation, whilst also considering the long term effects of selling incompetent goods to their customers. Additional problems have also arisen with machinery's inadequacy to meet production rates and proficiency.

Successful businesses meet customer requirements. Customers expect products and services to meet certain standards and if that standard is not met then either the product needs decommissioning, until the criterion is met or the service improved to meet the needs of the client. It has been established that EMC has met all service standards; however the product even though meeting the company's statutory assessments, is not meeting the customers.

Businesses gain an advantage over rivals by producing higher quality goods and services that clearly meet standards of the customer, so the likelihood is that there will be another electric motor company waiting and more than happy to provide their higher quality product to our largest customer. This problem needs to be resolved before this occurs, the highlighted areas of trouble will be discussed and solutions proposed to the board. The main proposition focus will be to find the root cause of the problem and to establish a strong foundation to rebuild the company, promptly ...
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