A Drill Sergeant At First

This case explains about the style approach of leadership of Mark Young who transform his unproductive department to most productive department in the Hospital.

• Painting services were costly and inefficient.
• Reorganization of department needed to be done.

Mark as the new head of painting department saw many flaws in the department from his four month analysis. Flaws were inefficiency and costly in painting service. He reorganized his whole department and designed a new schedule to follow which resulted in high efficiency and low cost. Moreover, high efficiency of his subordinates came because of his concern towards them. His once a week meeting with subordinates and having burger with them, keeping close touch with them were the factors to get the things done. Here we can see that he was concern for the results as well as for his employees which shows his own style of leadership. Leader’s behavior is more important than traits. Consideration styles such as concern for subordinates, trusted by subordinates, responsive to subs, promote camaraderie are some basic things which come in this approach. It also includes initiating structure style where leader provides structure in terms of exactly how and when to do work. Here in this case we can see Mark was concern about his employees, he use to take his employees out for burger once a week and use to motivate his employees when they do good. Moreover with the time, he delegated some of his responsibility to his crew member which shows his trust in them.

Conclusion and recommendation
In the starting we can see Mark was concern about his result which shows through complete reorganization and new schedule and then with the time he give space to his empl ...
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