A Horse On Our Supplement Immunall Comes In Second Place In The Grand National 2007!!!!

For Horses

Horse breeders, trainers and racers aren't afraid to confront challenges and take risks, but risking the health of their animals is out of the question. The challenge of keeping horses healthy is that so much of the world seems bent on endangering their well-being! Simply traveling to a nearby show can place a horse under strain. Travel also places horses at risk of illness, since it's impossible to completely control surroundings that be contaminated by sick animals. For horses, as for humans, it makes more sense to build a strong immune system in the first place than it does to spend weeks or months fighting illness that could have been prevented by simple precautions.

Responsible horse owners know that there are two things they must do to give a horse every chance and maximal health: prevent illness or injury through proper care and nutrition and address illness or injury promptly when it does occur. A good herbal supplement can act as a prophylactic (preventive) measure and also be useful in cases of acute illness?both situations that can be addressed by providing additional strength to the horse's immune system.

Strengthening the immune system can be baffling because horses have specialized needs. One mare may have a tendency to yeast infections, which may compromise efforts to breed her while another horse may have joint-related issues that cause swelling after exercise. Some animals fight a chronic battle with digestion while others tend towards respiratory problems. Allergies are another concern, and they can show up in nearly any bodily system. How can you protect your horse against so wide a spectrum of potential ailments?

By giving a boost to the overall immune system with a good herbal supplement. Herbs have ...
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