A Job Or A Point

A Job or A Point
Econ 101
Week 8 Writing Assignment

What has this world come to? Is this the year of 2008, and if so then why are we still fighting segregation? No, it’s not because of the color of skin; it’s because of the gender of the person. Society knows that not all things are fair, some are bitter about this while others deal with it. The fact that a man is able to make more than a woman money through a job salary because he’s a man is staggering fact; however, it’s also extraordinary to think that a job decision could ultimately come down to how many points its worth.
When thinking of a high power job, it’s easy to conjure up an image of a man. Very seldom would a woman be the first thought. However, with history about to be made through the elections, maybe its time to broaden our minds and think outside the box. Statistics show that a woman's median annual earnings were 74 percent of men's in 1997 (Weidenbaum, 1999). While this number seems unfair, there are things that need t be kept in mind. For instance, the jobs that women might chose. They might need flexibility and they may not want the stress due to family. However, then there’s the male who is geared and taught the high powered job. He puts in the hours and integrates the stress into his life.
Men and women are sometimes geared towards different things in their life. They have separate and individual goals. Men have the mind set to take the money job to support and finance a family. Women on the other hand, want to be the heart of the family and to be the caretaker. Society knows this, however sometimes they tend to take advantage of this exact situation.
What about the woman who does want the high power job? As controversial as it may seem, she, more o ...
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