A Leader Or Member Of The Group

In my opinion, it is better to be a leader of a group than to be a simple member although being a leader is a quite responsible job.

The ability to be a leader depends much on your personality. Being bossy does not necessarily mean that you are able to become a good leader. On the contrary, being a leader is a quite tough job because it suggests someone with the ability to follow people towards a specific goal. Certainly, it is better to be a leader because usually this is a person who distinguishes from the others with qualities such as ability to make decisions, good communication skills and ability to guide others.

In my opinion, being a leader is better than being a member of a group because leaders stand out among the others. They are usually in the center of attention because they know how to engage people's minds with bright ideas and great speeches. Therefore, such people are most likely to take some of the highest posts in society. In addition, leaders know how to win as they always strive for success by all means. This is due to the fact that leaders are used to shining above others and they cannot accept to be simple people.
That is why, such individuals tend to become even greater by developing their values.

As a conclusion, I think being a leader is good not only because people admire you but also because you have traits, which make so notable....
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