A Letter

Dear Richard Hilton:

I have been following the controversy regarding the proposed mining of Wonder Lake in the Northwest Herald. I understand there are many legal issues associated with this project and have witnessed the battle that Bull Valley has put up to try and stop this project. They have tried to prevent the mining by annexing the undeveloped land needed to set up the dredging operation.

However, in a recent Herald article, it stated that Judge Sullivan ruled in favor of Wonder Lake, which has seemed to clear the path for the proposed gravel pit near Route 120 and Thompson Road. Another article also said that financial arrangements regarding mining royalties are still in the works.

McHenry County, due to its geological makeup, has one of the largest gravel deposits in the state. Every day gravel trucks haul countless tons of gravel out of the county. What will happen to these gravel pits once the gravel is completely excavated? Will we be left with huge, gaping holes in the earth? The pits can't even be used as garbage dumps because the groundwater in the county will be contaminated. Although I am in favor of the dredging project, I am concerned about what will become of the gravel pit area once the project is completed.

I would like to propose that when you are involved in deciding on the mining royalties, that you insist that for every truckload of lake silt and gravel that leaves the area, a certain portion is allocated to a special restoration fund. . Possible restorations might be and enlargement of the or the pit filled in and designated as a park area. We cannot leave an open ugly pit.

This fund is necessary to the acceptance of the project in order to maintain our property values. The money must ...
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