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Social and ethical values express on a person’s (or an organisation’s) sense of rights and wrongs and also encapsulate their beliefs and concerns.

Social and ethical values shape consumers beliefs and concerns and help to determine attitudes towards products.
Businesses should ensure that their products are sympathetic towards the social and ethical values held by their current and potential customers.

In the UK is seems that Coca-Cola have no social and ethical problems that catch the eye of consumers. However, outside the UK, there is a completely different situation. Many different countries which have Coca-Cola companies/factories, have problems that are linked to them by people in and around them.

Atlanta, USA:

As a well known company, Coca-Cola wish to refresh the world in body, mind and spirit as their aim. However, this cannot be done if Coca-Cola does not live up to their aim. Atlanta sells 1.4 billion Coca-Cola drinks everyday and advertising is the main reason for this. Coca-Cola was hit by what was believed the biggest rumour that had been started. Cocaine was said to have been included within the beverage, but the employees at Coca-Cola in Atlanta denied this allegation. However, this allegation turned out to be the truth as Coca-Cola did once contain cocaine. The founder, Dr. Pemberton was a drug addict and so decided to introduce cocaine to his beverage. Soon after, Dr. Pemberton sold his company on and the cocaine substance was permanently removed from the Coca-Cola drinks.

Therefore, this has affected the aim on Coca-Cola as they were selling a drug based beverage to consumers. However, now that it has been removed, the thought of cocaine ...
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