A Look At Ethical Perspectives

A Look at Ethical Perspectives
While it would be nice to think that it is easy to make decisions and all come to the same conclusion, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, even regarding ethical decisions where you may think a right and wrong way exist may not be easy to determine. Since everyone has different backgrounds and therefore, different perspectives, we may not agree on what the best course of action is to take in a difficult decision. While I believe that character is the most important, someone else may think that as long as the majority is satisfied that their decision is best. An exercise created by the Williams Institute for Ethics and Management looks at four different perspectives which are referred to using the acronym CORE (2006). This stands for Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity. While one of these is not necessarily better than another, a person from one perspective may reach a different conclusion than someone else. This paper analyzes my perspective as well as compares it to some of the features of the other perspectives. Additionally I will look at several examples of ethical decisions and the conclusion that I come to in each scenario.
My Perspective – Character
During the completion of the questions that were asked to determine my perspective, I attempted to answer my questions based on my belief in God and study of the Bible. Upon receiving the results they are closely matched to my beliefs. I believe that integrity is a very important part in each decision that I make and that even though one decision would be more beneficial to a short term goal, that if it was not true to my character, that in the long term would damage my credibility. One example of this was given to me by a friend, Matt, who mention ...
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