A Proposal For A New Market Strategy For The Thomas Burberry London Perfume Range

A proposal for a new market strategy for the Thomas Burberry London perfume range

1.0 Introduction

The organisation I have decided to propose a new marketing strategy for is Thomas Burberry. This organisation is a distinctive luxury brand with international recognition and broad appeal. They design, source, manufacture and distribute high-quality apparel and accessories. Burberry was founded in Basingstoke, England in 1856; they have a unique heritage associated with Great Britain and position themselves as the authentic British lifestyle brand. From their founding, Burberry have established a reputation for innovation, quality and style through developments such as the invention of gabardine, which the organisation believe was the world's first weatherproof and breathable fabric and the creation of iconic products, including the trench coat and of the Burberry check.

The product I have decided to develop a new strategy for is from the Burberry perfume range. Burberry has a range of fragrances such as Burberry Brit, Burberry Touch, Burberry Weekend and more. The fragrance I will be focusing on is Burberry London.

I believe that it is time for a new marketing strategy for the Burberry London perfume, because although the perfume was introduced not long ago- the men's fragrance was launched in 1997 and the women's fragrance was introduced in 1995- sales are not increasing as fast as hoped, probably due to better marketing by other perfume brands in competition with Burberry, In particular I feel that the overall packaging and the bottle design is too plain and does not really persuade the consumers to buy the product. Therefore I feel that we need to give this product a new market strategy and re-launching it with more distinctive pack ...
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