A Relational Study On Customer Satisfaction, Trust , Switching Barriers And Over All Customer Retent


In the preparation and finish this internship report, I acknowledge the encouragement and assistance given by a number of people and institution. I am most grateful to the Unitrend management to give me the opportunity to complete my internship in their organization.
I would like to convey my thankfulness to my supervisor Mr. Abul Bashar , for sharing his ideas and interests with me about my study. He always gave me his suggestions in making this study as flawless as possible.
I also want to render my special thanks to Mr.Faiyaz Ahmed , Manager of Consumer Research Department of Unitrend Ltd and director Mccann pulse, for his precious suggestions and supports.
Special thanks go to the respondents, who spared their time generously, and took the trouble of answering a detail Questionnaire and helped me to complete my study.

List of Tables I
List of figure I
Executive Summery II
Introduction 1
Purpose of the study 2
Problem statement 3
Research Time Line 3
Limitation of the Study 4
Review of literature 4
Customer retention 4
Trust 5
Customer satisfaction 6
Switching barrier 6
Relationships between client retention and trust 7
Relationship between client retention and satisfaction 7
Relationship between client retention and switching barrier 8

Operational definition 8
Research Question 9
Research Hypothesis 9
Conceptual Frame work 10
Research Methodology 10
Research ...
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