A Study Into Which Uk Cities Or Places Ntic Students Prefer To Visit And Why


This project attempts to finding out which UK cities or places NTIC students prefer to visit, and some reasons of why they are love to visit those cities or places will be identify. In order to have more supports to this research project, more and more books about the UK tourism have been read. In this project, there are three main books have been used. First one is Hudman & Jackson (1990), “Geography of travel and tourism”. Second one is Cooper, Fletcher, Gilbert & Wanhill (1993), “tourism principles and practices”. And the last one is Lundberg, Krishnamoorthy & Stavenga (1995), “tourism economics”. Data were gathered from questionnaire and face-to-face interview. The report concludes that most of NTIC students think London is the best city in the UK, because London is the capital city of UK, and it contains modern building, beautiful landscape, many shops, historical and special architectures, this let it can fit different people’s need, let it so popular.


Life needs travel, just like people need food. People want to living, so we need food. Life needs travel, because we need relax, people can’t always live in a busy hour. Without relax, people can’t have a qualitative life. That is why we have many holidays in our life. United Kingdom which is one of the most famous country in the world, United Kingdom famous not only because it is one of the developed country, but also because it have many beautiful, historical cities or places and famous peoples to visit, such as Bath which as a beautiful city located on the southwest of British. Stonehenge where is one of the oldest historical resort centers in England. About the famous people just like Robin Hood who lived in Nottingham before and Shakespeare who is the famous, the ...
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