A Study Of The Swimwear Industry In North America

A Study of the Swimwear Industry in North America

Table of Contents

Ø Introduction
q Mission 2
q Briefing 2
Ø Historical Timeline of the Bathing Suit
Ø Secondary Data Search
q The North American Swimwear Market 4
q Influential Factors of Demand 5
q Swimwear Industry 9
q Brands 10
q Manufacturing 13
q Distribution 13
q Retailing and Advertising 16
q External Factors 17
Ø Strategic Assessment
q Changes in the Past Five Years 18
Ø Future
q Increasing Obesity 20
q Increasing R&D 20
q Sunbathing-Related Health Concerns 21
Ø Primary Research
q Interview 22
q Independent Local Market Study 23
Ø Recommendations 25
Ø Limitations 26
Ø Conclusions 26
Ø Appendix 27

The intent of this study is to become well informed of the North American swimwear industry, to discover opportunities that have not been exploited, and even try to determine where the industry is heading. This information is very beneficial to one of our group members, Andree-Anne, who presently designs her own swimsuits and is very interested in opening a new type of retail store. She sees a potential in creating swimwear that blends element of fashion and competition to extend its utility, durability, and comfort. The new retail concept would also have a made-to-fit order policy to provide the best fit for every woman's body type. This industry study will hopefully give her greater insights and help bring these ideas to reali ...
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