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Table of Contents

Need of the Project 3

Problem definition / Objective(s) 3

Primary objective 3

Secondary objectives 3

Academic Scope 4

Methodology 4

Methodology @ Desk 4

Methodology @ Field 5

Judging the potential of rural areas 5

Analyzing the options for rural penetration 5

Comparison chart of all the alternatives stated 6

Recommendation 7

Advantages 8

Change in organization structure 8

Need of the Project

The huge potential in rural market can be judged by the following:

? % sales in rural area
• Bajaj Auto: 35 %
• HLL: 50 %
• LG: 30 %
? Estimated annual size of the rural market
? FMCG : Rs. 65,000 crore
? Agri inputs (including tractors): Rs. 45,000 crore
? Consumer Durables : Rs. 5,000 crore
? 2/4 Wheelers : Rs. 8,000 Crore
This huge rural market is definitely not to be missed. To penetrate into these areas the viability of the existing MSIL channel is under question as sales per village is assumed to be low.

Problem definition / Objective(s)

Primary objective

To recommend an effective and viable network for selling MSIL products/services to potential customers in untapped semi urban and rural markets.

Secondary objectives

• To study the potential in untapped semi urban and rural markets

• To select an untapped potential target market (a tehsil) to visit and collect primary data in order to study it in detail as a case

• To study ...
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