Benihana Of Tokyo

1. Prepare a detailed process flow diagram of a Benihana restaurant on a typical busy night.
a) See exhibit 1- Benihana restaurant flow diagram

2. Describe the process flow diagram in detail and contrast it with that of a typical sit-down restaurant.
a) See exhibit 2 – typical restaurant flow diagram
b) Benihana is much like a typical restaurant in terms of the main process flow of the customers. The flow begins with hungry people entering the restaurant and ends with full/satisfied people leaving as shown in exhibits 1 & 2. The main differences in the flow of a Benihana restaurant and a typical restaurant exist with the external interactions that occur with the main flow of the people.
i) In both flows the hungry people enter the restaurant and approach the Maitre d to acquire about a table to be seated. If there is a table available the people will be seated immediately, if there is not the people will have to wait in the bar & lounge area.
ii) When a table is ready the Maitre d seats the party and the group proceeds to order. In a typical restaurant all the food orders would go through the waitress and there is no direct communication with the chef. In a Benihana restaurant the soup, salad, and drinks (quick/easy orders) are ordered through the wait staff and the main dish is ordered directly to the chef who is stationed at the same table.
iii) It is in step 2.ii) that Benihana was able to make the process flow quicker and more efficient by eliminating the wait time in ordering and receiving a meal that one would experience in a typical restaurant.
iv) When the meal is complete the people will leave the restaurant. In a typical restaurant the “runner” would then clear the dishes and set the table for the next customer. In ...
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