Database is a collection of interrelated data items  that canbeprocessed by one or more application.
 Ex:- A bank, A manufacturing company, A hospital,  etc.
         A database management system is defined as  “a software that defines a database, stores the data, supports query language, produces reports, & create data entry screens.”

  1 Entity:-  An object, person or an event about which data is stored is called as entity. For example If we are concerned  with personal data of students and there mark-sheet, ‘student’ and ‘mark-sheet’ are entities.

 2 Attribute:- The characteristics of an entities is called an attribute.
For Ex: Student Name , Address, city and phone number are different attributes of an entity ‘student’.

   I Centrally controlled
    1) Data can be stored, processed, modified or                               accessed in an organised  way.
    2) Non redundancy  & consistency.
    3) Security & privacy from unauthorized access.

  II Logically organised:
      Database is organized  in logical manner.

  III Integrated database:
     The same collection of data is available for as many application as possible.

IV Shared
      & ...
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