Exceptional Service & Its Practice

“It doesn’t matter how far you fly but how better you fly”
2.3.1 Exceptional service: I think exceptional service is all about providing customer delight by providing the service beyond the customer expectation and customer willing to pay for it. And this exceptional service differs from customer to customer based on the their requirement, their state of mind, their knowledge about the services of company and the situation.
I completely agree with the statement “ to compete successfully on the service quality front exceptional service is required”. Since service is the main factor to attract the customers and its gives satisfaction to the customer and exceptional service gives the delight. It is the only key to success for the company. “To be a success, do whatever you do better than anybody else who does it”
Table 2.3.1: Two ways of exceptional service
Exceptional service can be look at two ways
1) Providing incomparable, extraordinary, and new services to the customer differentiating from competitors. i.e. providing innovative service being the first and only company for providing the particular service in the particular region.
2) Same service to be provide to every customers
1) Providing the same service, what competitors are providing but in a perfect time, perfect cost, and in a perfect manner i.e. providing same service by doing same thing at same cost but in a less time & not failing to the commitment.
2) Service differ for every customer based on segmented customer
Example: Dell Computers.

Example: Dell Computers[10, 11] : Dell is an American based company in the field of manufacturing, selling and supporting of personal computers, servers, data-storage devices, network-switches ...
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