Individuals and Organizations

 Individuals and organizations are alike in many ways. Each has competitors and each should plan for the future. Each and every organization faces opportunities and threats and has some internal strengths and weaknesses.
All these make it possible for the individuals and organizations to use and
apply many strategic management concepts and tools.
You are required to select any firm operating in Pakistan from Telecom
sector and visit that firm (if possible). After a thorough analysis of that firm,
use the following strategic management concepts and tools to critically
investigate the firm and prepare a 10-15 pages report of your findings and
submit that research report on or before 15th January, 2009.
Conduct an external and internal analysis for the selected firm.
Explore the opportunities and threats in recent issues of newspapers
and magazines and on internet, relevant to this sector. Find out the
weaknesses and strengths of that firm and prepare a precise and
comprehensive SWOT analysis in bulleted form. (10)
Prepare the EFE matrix for that company with not more than 10
external factors relevant to the firm. (5)
Prepare the IFE matrix for the company with not more than 10
internal factors of the firm. (5)
Construct a large nine-cell diagram that will represent your TOWS
matrix for the firm. Label the cells appropriately and suggest 5-10
strategies using TOWS matrix. (10)
Diagram the BCG matrix for 5-10 products of the selected firm. (10)
In the light of all your findings, suggest 4-6 strategies for the firm
based on solid reasoning and proper justification. (10)
In the end, you are required to prepare QSPM to analytically review ...
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