Kristen's Cookie Company

Kristen's Cookie Company
Kristen's Cookie Company is a good example where the success or failure of the company depends directly on the process planning adopted by the company, i.e., the company can maximize its productivity by utilizing its resources effectively. One major aspect of process analysis is to identify the major bottlenecks in the process and trying to mitigate their effects with least possible level of costs and resources. The following flowchart shows the overall process adopted by the company: (Exhibit 1)

Filling a rush order:
Process    Resource(s)    Process Time    Cumulative Time Consumed
Taking Order    E-mail    0 minutes    0 minutes
Washing and Mixing    Self    6 minutes    6 minutes
Filling Tray    Self    2 minutes    8 minutes
Preparing Oven    Roommate    1 minute    9 minutes
Baking    Oven    9 minutes    18 minutes
Removing the tray    Roommate    0 minutes    18 minutes
Cooling    None    5 minutes    23 minutes
Packaging & Collecting Money    Roommate    3 minutes    26 minutes
Thus, it requires minimum 26 minutes to fill a rush order.

Production Capacity (4 hours):
Since the resources required for the different processes are not common everywhere, there can be two orders (of one dozen each, for simplicity) being processed s ...
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