Legal Issues In Reduction Of Workforce Simulation

Fast Serve, Incorporated is a $25 million company whose main product is direct marketing of branded sports apparel. They have recently decided to end their online retail outlet. Because of this draw down, they must also reduce their workforce. They need to layoff 3 employees. They have targeted 5 current employees beside work productivity, reliability, skill sets, educational background and their employment status, Fast Serve Inc. must make their decision based on current employment laws. (University of Phoenix, 2008)
Carl Holmes is a 34 year old male. He is also gay. Since he started with the company he has occasionally complained that he was treated different because of his sexual orientation. He is very active with a gay organization. So if he is let go he is most likely to use the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has interpretation of the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual oriantation. So the desiscion was made to give Carl the opportunity to retrain. (University of Phoenix, 2002).
Brain Carter is a 32 year old male. He was very the programmer responsible for the 3-D drape and see mannequins. He has been sick lately with a debilitating illness. But this will have nothing to do with the decision to keep of him or let him go. He should be let go because of the decision to eliminate the program he was responsible for the success of the program. . (University of Phoenix, 2002).
Sarah Boyd is a 52 year old female. She is one of the senior members of the FastServe company working for then for the last 15 years. Her working knowledge of the companies administration policies make her valuable. In letting her go you will need to ensure that there are no issues related to her age. Because she is old enough to be covered by the ...
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