Report Of Sustainability Issues Affecting The Retail Market In The Uk And The Quality And Content O


1.1 Executive Summary

2.1 Introduction

3.1 Sustainability Issues currently facing the Retail market within the UK
3.1.1 Ecological drivers
3.1.2 Ethical/Social drivers
3.1.3 Legal/ political drivers
3.1.4 Technological drivers
3.1.5 Summary of drivers

4.1 Evaluation of the Marks and Spencer Sustainability Report
4.1.1 Non Financial reporting
4.1.2 Environmental Strategy
4.1.3 Green technology and waste policy
4.1.4 Summary of evaluation
4.1.5 Conclusion

5.1 Recommendations

6.1 References

1.1 Executive Summary

• Sustainable Development needs to replace the traditional view of economic growth.

• Interdependency of issues relating to sustainable development, ecology, ethics, laws and technology. How industrialisation and capitalism has affected the ecosystem. Ethical consumerist movement, highlighting the in equality in the global market. One cannot be addressed without the other. Growing acceptance of Sustainability model as a real alternative to economic business view.

• CSR reporting demonstrates accountability, transparency and credibility gaining the stakeholders trust. Current trend of opportunist green washing by companies as they recognise the marketing potential behind Eco reporting and the green pound.

• Coherent Environmental strategy can increase profitability in a company with suitable structure, with re branding this presents dramatic opportunity to alter the outlook of an organisation. Implementation gains integrity.

• Technological developments save money and address urgent environmental issues. Recycling and closed loop systems generate energy and material that can be re-used, insi ...
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