Sport Obermeyer
Obermeyer Case Questions


1.     Define the key problem discussed in the case that Obermeyer is attempting to solve and what key areas of their business and market did they study?


Obermeyer is attempting to solve the key problem of “making supply meet demand”.  Because of the variety and number of products being produced, it is more difficult for manufacturers and retailers to predict which of their goods will sell and to plan production and orders accordingly.  Inaccurate forecasts are increasing making it so that unwanted goods are left to have to be marked down.


They Studied

- Deal with styles that had irregular demand.

- Hit manufacturing constraints during the peak ski-wear-production period.

- The pressure to reduce manufacturing costs

- Increase variety required Sport Obermeyer to develop a more difficult supply chain

- Limited supplier capacity

- Lead time

- Stock outs and markdowns

- Inaccurate Forecasting

- Early order

- Predict what people would buy

- Committee forecast

- Retailer began demanding earlier delivery



2. Explain each of the methods used by Obermeyer to gain increased market insight onto product demand and explain what the benefit was to the company?


            Each of the methods used by Obermeyer to gain increased market insight onto product demand are the different production-scheduling systems such as quick-response

programs, just-in-time inventory systems, manufacturing resource planning, and the like.


- The products that are sold i ...
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