The Fundamentals Of Statistics


The Fundamentals of Statistics

Unit 1 - The Fundamentals of Statistics
The study of Job Satisfaction is vital to all companies large and small. Analysis of employee’s will give us a profound look into this area and detect where improvements need to be introduced. The priority of management at American Intellectual Union (AIU) is to understand employee behavior which can help to strengthen the company.
For this purpose, American Intellectual Union (AIU) has conducted survey research among the employee’s. Collected data from this research of their 29 employee’s include 9 data set variables such as gender, age, department, position, tenure, overall job satisfaction, intrinsic job satisfaction, extrinsic job satisfaction and benefits. From this report we can draw qualitative and quantitative variables and measure the distributions.
For this research we are asked to include Quantitative and Qualitative data. Qualitative data are variables selected that can be placed in distinct categories such gender, religion and geographic locations. (Bluman, 2008). Quantitative data are variables selected that are numbered and be positioned in orders or ranks such as ages, temperatures and satisfaction in this case. (Bluman, 2008).
Gender is an example of qualitative data because the gender can be categorized as male-1 and female-2. Data set codes for this choice is operational and effective. Since AIU is looking for ways to improve their job satisfaction, I chose the Overall satisfaction variable as my second choice. This would qualify as Quantitative data variable. This section can be categorized in order of rank or values. The data set range for Overall ...
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